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Why Become a Candidate?

Candidates for Monarch of the Little Jim Club have been an integral part of the Club’s fundraising efforts for over fifty years.  Selected from among San Francisco’s community leaders, Candidates for Monarch commit to raising money on the Club’s behalf and being ambassadors to spread the word about the Club and the kids served by the money we raise. 

Each year, four to six members of the community are chosen to serve as Candidates.  They raise money in a variety of ways, suiting their creative whims and energies.  The Candidate who raises the most money during our fundraising season is crowned Monarch at our main fundraising event the Mardi Gras Ball 2010.  From now until the next Mardi Gras Ball, the Club will host a series of events providing opportunities for the Candidates to raise money.  Candidates may choose to participate in some or all of these events or get creative and host their own.  In any case, the receive credit for the money coming in on their behalf.

Successful fundraising events have included a Bachelor/Bachelorette auction, Chocolate Truffles sold from the San Francisco Cable Cars, a Showcase of an Amazing Collection of Costumes and Memorabilia of Iconic Film and TV Stars, and a Fantasy Trip to the Moon.  Other successful fundraisers include parties held in people’s homes, wine bars and restaurants. 

Become a part of San Francisco tradition.  Be a Candidate for Monarch for the Little Jim Club.  Help premature, low-birth weight infants receive in-home nurse visits and ensure that they have the best opportunities to thrive.  Send a child with cancer to summer camp.  Fund the purchase of puppets and anatomically correct teaching dolls used to help young kids learn about their illnesses and medical procedures they are facing.  The kids of San Francisco need you.

  • Candidates for King or Queen for 2010 can earn points the following ways (points = dollars):
  • For each guest who signs up for an event and indicates their allegiance to a candidate, that candidate gets points for the dollar amount of the guest’s ticket purchase.
  • Candidates are encouraged to hold separate fundraisers that suit their style.  Net proceeds from these events are donated directly to the hospital.  Candidates get credit for the funds they raise.
  • Candidates also receive points for soliciting corporate sponsors for our events as well as for procuring appropriate in-kind sponsors for the event (with prior approval of event chair).
  • Additionally, each contribution made via mail, at an event or on our website on behalf of a Candidate will be credited to that Candidate’s campaign.

Be creative, have fun.  Remember, the Moon is the Limit!