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Hospital and Event Volunteers

Friendsof Little Jim volunteer in many ways to serve theorganization—picking the level of participation and the types of servicesuitable to their schedules and interests.  As part of this grassroots support organization you have theopportunity to support the children in several ways:

·       BookBuddies is a hands-on reading program at the hospital.

·       AutismPlaygroup Volunteers— A 30 week commitment with volunteer slotsrequiring interviews and training.These are allocated based on availability and need.  Volunteers assist in set-up and clean upfor the group and may participate in the group, which is lead by an OT, SPand/or Psychologist.  

·       HolidayDecorating of the hospital playroom, a large room with activities for all agesthat gives children a place to play with their friends and family outside oftheir hospital room.  An hour ortwo on a Saturday morning (prior to a holiday) playing with the kids anddecorating the room together is a memorable experience for both volunteers andchildren.

·       Volunteersare key to making each fundraising event successful providing event staffing(door check in, silent auction hosting/check out, coat check, will-call or boxoffice ticket sales at an event) as well as specific pre-event help (includeshelp with mailings, acquiring in-kind sponsors or donations, etc).

Friends are invited to events, receive ongoing emailcommunications from us and are part of our volunteer database. If you areinterested in these programs, please contact us at



Active Membership

Active members choose to take an on-going, dynamic role inthe Club.  Membership provides thefollowing benefits and asks for these commitments:


Active members commit to serving on at least one LJCcommittee, with a commitment to produce the appropriate results for thatcommittee (e.g. Silent Auction committee members coordinate volunteers andmembers to solicit items, host and collect funds from successful bidders, andsurpass their fundraising goal; Participants on the Membership Committeeactively recruit members to the Little Jim Club and engage these people in theappropriate roles to use their skills and talents and help us raise more money,etc.). Active members pay $75 in annual dues, used to cover administrativecosts, agree to purchase at least one ticket to our main fundraising event ofthe year.


Members receive invitations to all events, the opportunityto meet and raise money for really important purposes, while working anddeveloping friendships with fun people and community leaders.  Membership in the Little Jim Club alsoprovides opportunities to serve in leadership positions (as committee chairsand on the Board).  Most important,is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the kids and their families.


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The Little Jim Club is an all volunteer organization.  OneHundred Percent of our administrative costs (our website, mailings, etc.)are covered by club dues.  Thatway, ALL of the money we raise canbe donated to California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) to directly benefit thekids. Find out more about our cause.